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Opulence Collection

Opulence Collection™  by Bath Wizard is our ForeverStone’s™ latest innovative premium bath and shower waterproof wall surrounds system. Transport yourself into the creative aesthetic destination of your designer mind, and choose from a visually immersive serene spectrum that will frame your future’s bath or shower experience. The Opulence Collection features hundreds of brilliant high definition options across color, style, and texture categories, providing you the look of marble, granite, travertine, onyx, tile, natural stone, riverock, wood, waterjet, radiant geode expressions with a low maintenance, easy to clean and durable dependable surface. 

The Opulence Collection™ comprises full wall sized panels, trims, accent walls, shampoo shelves, shower curbs, and shower floor options. Opulence Collection™ has passed rigorous durability testing, resists against color fading and UV light damage, and utilizes all the waterproof technology of the Bath Wizard Triple Seal System™, the Bath Wizard Perfect Color Moisture Seal™ and is installed exclusively by our factory certified, licensed and insurance master craftsman employees. 

The Opulence Collection™ is a preferred surface among architects, interior designers and among smart and creative minds with fine tastes. Opulence Collection™ boasts greater durability than similar stone looks without any of the headaches and maintenance of grout, annual sealant, harsh cleaning chemicals. The rich and luxurious look of the Opulence Collection™ not only is a preferred selection in residential bathrooms, but it is a popular choice in commercial spaces such as bathrooms, elegant lobbies, boardrooms, as well as kitchen backsplashes or wall art centerpieces. 

Opulence Collection™, the worlds most beautiful bathing experience

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